Susceptible To Constipation? Watch Out For These Foods

Unfortunately, there are many causes of constipation, ranging from emotions to dehydration.


Diet is a huge contributing factor in how your digestive tract functions, so the more processed your food is, the less fiber in your diet can both be the cause of constipation.




The high fat and low fiber content of cheese, milk and ice cream will result in constipation in a lot of individuals. Keep the dairy in your diets very low.


Chips & Snacks


Snacks like chips can cause constipation because that means that you aren’t eating foods high in fiber. Because they are high in fat, they can delay digestion and make you feel overly full. If you’re looking for a snack, choose something that is high in fiber and contain whole grains.


Fast, Frozen, & Fried Foods


Yes, they are more convenient and if you’re struggling for time, it makes everything easier. However, these meals lack the necessary nutrition for a healthy digestive track. These dinners are low in fiber, quite high in fat and high. The salt will prevent the water from moving waste through the body.


Fried, greasy and breaded foods will slow foods movement through the digestive track and cause constipation. This can actually slow your normal gastrointestinal movements. Choose to broil or steaming instead.


Cakes & Cookies


Refined carbohydrates like cakes, cookies and crackers are low in fiber, fluid and high in fat which makes them another constipation culprit. Reduce your intake of these foods and instead replace them with fresh fruit, with the exception of bananas that aren’t ripe. Green bananas are constipating while ripe bananas and high in fiber.


There are days or events where we just can’t help it and we cave. We have to have some of the fried chicken or chocolate cake.


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