Causes Of Constipation & Ways To Treat It

Constipation: the word that no one wants to talk about, but even more so, the issue that no one wants to live with. What causes constipation?


Most of us do know about the basic causes of constipation; not enough fiber in our diet, not drinking enough water and a lack of exercise. However, there are several lesser known causes that could be the culprit of your discomfort.




If you overuse laxatives, they will actually have an opposite effect. Your body will become dependent on them and will not be able to function properly without them. If you’re using laxatives, do not use them longer than your doctor or the label says.




Are you a lover of cheese and milk? This could play a large role in your discomfort. A diet that is high in dairy will slow down your digestion. If this describes your diet, cut down your dairy intake and eat more foods high in fiber. Also, try to avoid processed foods as they are often low in fiber but high in carbs and sodium.




There is a variety of medicines for different illnesses and conditions that can lead to constipation. Some drugs used for high blood pressure, like diuretics, will lower blood pressure by flushing water from your system- water that is needed for bowel movements and getting them out of the body. Antihistamines and antacids can cause the same result.


When diet, medications and other factors cause constipation and irregularity, The Pro Herb’s turkey rhubarb will provide an all-natural herbal colon cleanse. Whether it’s constant constipation or just some discomfort, you will find the package that best fits your needs, allowing you to choose the amount that you will need for relief.


These supplements will bring you gentile and natural relief. If you would like more information or would like to place an order, please contact us at The Pro Herb today.

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