Relieving A Child’s Constipation With The Pro Herb

Constipation in children is a very real, very scary situation that is much more common than we’d like to think. Some children avoid going to using the restroom, even when they really feel the urge to go.


Sometimes this happens because they don’t want to use a bathroom they are unfamiliar with, stop playing with others, or have to ask for permission to go to the bathroom. Ignoring the urge to go makes it harder to go later.


Other contributions include a child’s diet that lacks water and fiber. Children who eat lots of processed foods, cheeses, white bread and bagels, and meats are at a higher risk of becoming constipated.


Common side effects of medications include constipation and painful bowel movements.


Constipation also causes serious medical issues. In serve cases the result of a buildup causes the bladder to flatten and become highly irritated causing unexplained “accidents” and even urinary tract infections. In extreme cases a child may need to undergo surgery to correct the bowels. No one wants to see their children suffer from anything especially something that is preventable.


Aggressive treatments that are commonly used with children include an uncomfortable regimen of daily enemas accompanied by laxatives! Here at The Pro Herb we provide a unique alternative that provides relief without harmful additives of chemicals. We use a formula of turkey rhubarb, aloe, barberry root, slippery elm, and other herbs and seeds; this all natural formula provides relief and regularity without the common side effects of other methods.


Contact us today and speak with one of our care professionals ready to answer any questions you may have and figure out which of our packages are best suited for your needs.

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